Count On Us to Clean Up After Your Cat

Offering cat litter box clean-out services in Lubbock, TX

There's no doubt that your cat is the king (or queen!) of your castle. Don't believe us? Just ask them. When it's time for your regal feline to make a trip to the litter box, they won't want to sit on a filthy throne. To keep your litter box up to your cat's high standards, schedule recurring cat litter box clean-out services from Brooks Pet Clean Up LLC in Lubbock, TX.

Before we replace the litter, we'll provide thorough litter box sanitizing services. Rely on us to wipe down your box and refill it with the litter of your choice.

If you don't have the time to deep clean your cat's litter box, hire us today.

Why is cleaning out the litter box a non-negotiable chore?

Scheduling regular cat litter box clean-out services is an important part of being a responsible cat owner. A dirty or neglected litter box will:

  • Stink up your home
  • Put your cat's health at risk
  • Make your cat start thinking about other bathroom options

Avoid these problems by scheduling recurring litter box sanitizing services today.